Who is Adler Fc International?

  • Adler Fc is YOU  and ME its everyone.
  • Its been around since 2005.
  • It was established professionally in 2018 when partnering with guys from Switzerland that will soon start Adler Fc in Switzerland hence the International we have a good relationship and they are willing to sponsor our kids if they have what it takes to play in Europe.

What is Adler Fc International Fc about?

Adler fc is about the youth , for the youth, in the community and will be the heart beat of the community . We are about principles  and core ethical values that nurture’s professionalism on and off the field.

Why Adler Fc International?

  • We here to drill principles and ethical values into our kids that was lost with time .
  • A major part in all of this is professionalism it creates a sense of maturity on and off the field of play .
  • Professional principles taught  into the kids is good for there characters in that way the communities will look much brighter weather rich or poor .
  • We have our 5 principles that is part of a kid growing that has  professional football ambitions .
  • We are very well equipped to teach the technical part of the game and the conditioning side of it.
  • Education and increasing IQ level is of most importance.

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